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    Magnetic link of Matsu aunt Zhang Ziyi and Sa

      Magnetic link of Matsu aunt

    to do), she gave me the cruellest poke with her foot, and said,

    offered, and that, after a rather light dinner, I should remain

    I had begun to be a little uncomfortable, and to wish myself well


    farther, and beams with carved heads on the ends bulging out too,

    ‘Why, she reminds me, Steerforth,’ said I, ‘that I came out on

    away into golden air

    London for which I was not unprepared It was, that he purposed


    again, before going out

    Peggotty coming along the passage with a candle at the sound of a

    no other relations than two aunts, maiden sisters of Mr Spenlow,


    My aunt was as happy as I was, in the arrangement made for

    them, and of being presently ejected from the premises besides

    Wickfield, sir! Would you be so good as tell us? Yes or no, sir?

    good employ, you know, Mas’r Davy, and I han’t no way now of

    on so boldly Annie, my dear, I am sure you must perfectly

    upstairs, to a world not at all excited on the subject of his arrival;

    ‘If you’ll have the goodness to keep my secret, Master

    petition to the House of Commons, praying for an alteration in the

    championship of poor harmless Mr Dick, not only inspired my

    ‘Hey! What did he die of?’ asked my aunt

    handsome woman, an’t you?’

    ‘I don’t, indeed, my dear boy,’ he returned; ‘but I mean to say

    David Copperfield

    London smoke, which, she said, ‘peppered everything’ A complete

    should have gone into a fit, if it had not occurred to me that it must

    since He is the most friendly and amenable creature in existence;

    come here, and in a moment I feel an altered person The


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