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    tearing into the tear Mother and son series 2660 volumes

      tearing into the tear

    well define She did not replace my mother; no one could do that;

    done, he brought me a pudding, and having set it before me,

    David Copperfield

    the prospect of earning my own bread, than with the hope of

    speak very often, or to do anything but sometimes encourage them

    anxious extremity, and said as much to Mr Micawber, who now

    hand, he went on to say, with his eyes cast downward—still

    The ear whistling sound came, his body was moved slightly, the palm to turn the whirlwind, arrow hands immediately shot back, precise shot in the archer's chest, even with arrows back several feet to puncture in the tree.

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    David Copperfield

    Mail I was so concerned, I recollect, even for the honour of

    Indeed, I think that most grown men who are remarkable in this

    might kiss me once more I am glad to dwell upon the earnestness

    The letter (Mr Micawber never missed any possible

    ‘I only say,’ he resumed, addressing me, ‘that I disapprove of

    Wickfield, sitting, such a contrast to him, at the end of the table,

    great black velvet hat, whom I remember as looking like a near

    other changes and surprises dwindle into nothing

    don’t remember when Are you sure it was me?’

    My mother was another exception She might be firm, and must

    No, I replied with the profoundest respect; nor from him

    immediately dispatched Ham Peggotty, her nephew, who had

    an hour, after all was over; and pulled some young leaves from the

    David Copperfield

    I believed that Steerforth had said what he had, in jest, or to

    gave me an agreeable notion of a proctor’s business I was casting

    reason of my knowing anything about it The proctors employ the

    matter, without first appealing to Miss Murdstone, or without

    when I was nothing but a clerk in his office, Copperfield, I’ve seen


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